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  1. MU Legend is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike.

  2. World

    The Divine War

    An endless war raged between Rugard and Sekneum – the God of Light and the God of Destruction. When Sekneum was defeated by Akneria, the Supreme Creator, he stole a human body to use as a vessel to once again return to the world. However, a great mage named Kundun sealed Sekneum back into his own body, putting an end to the cycle and ushering in peace.

  3. World

    The Resurrection of Kundun

    Peace endured for a thousand years, but it was not to go on forever. Unable to resist the allure of the dark power, Kundun succumbed to temptation and awakened as a lord of darkness. His evil now ravages the world, as blood is spilled all across the land. MU is on the precipice of destruction.

  4. World

    The Only Hope

    As the end approaches, Icarus, the last sage, heads to Kethotum to stop Kundun and bring an end to the devastation. Accompanying the sage are brave Devias Knights, fighting to save the world from utter destruction alongside their bold leader – you!

  1. Character

    Dark Lord

    Once valiant knights who were both feared and respected on the battlefield, in a moment of desperation, they sacrificed their human side to a dark force in exchange for great power. Their sacrifice altered their appearance on the outside, and their humanity on the inside. Now, they are capable of only cold reasoning. They have given up on living a normal life and no longer engage in the ways of humans. They utilize their great power to dominate their enemies, but the successes of battle are not enough to satisfy them. As they aimlessly wander battlefields, looking for purpose, they have come to be known as "Dark Lords" by those that lay eyes on them.

  2. Character


    Harnessing the energy of nature, with an expertise in stealth, the settlers of the Whispering Forest have acquired a particular set of special skills that make them infamous on the battlefield. Capable enough working alone, they are adept at handling scouting missions as they quietly blend into nature as well as silently assassinate targets. Graceful in movement but deadly in execution, their abilities are highly sought after. They attack with ranged weapons, such as bows, and utilise the energy of nature and the elements to dispatch their foes. Due to their swiftness in battle and unique casting abilities, they earned the title of "Whisperer".

  3. Character


    Born from an experiment to find a way to protect their creators, Bladers are brutal warriors nourished by rage and their will to fight as the representatives of the lower class. The rebellion of the commoners was crushed during the Great War, leaving no other solution but to create a perfect warrior in order to fight the oppressors. The Kanturians, with the help of the humans, decided to experiment with the effects of rage on a warrior in an effort to make him stronger than ever. The result was a warrior with unstoppable power and an unending lust for battle.

  4. Character

    War Mage

    Exiled from society, War Mages are confident and believe themselves to be superior to regular mages. They were removed from society after their magical abilities became too powerful and were considered dangerous. After being outcast, they fought as mercenaries as they attempted to control their extraordinary power. Once they did, they began to develop their own spells – ones far more powerful than those of any regular mage. They dance around battlefields casting devastating elemental spells, all with an air of confidence and superiority.

  5. Character


    The Spellbinder is a human who was captured and trained by the Kanturians. She uses psychic power to attack her enemies with levitating swords and throwing weapons. Utilizing the forgotten powers of Kanturu, she can confuse enemies with mind-control spells or deal heavy damage with strong mid-range attacks. With her powerful 1v1 skills and her ability to support teammates, she is highly versatile, making her a challenging hero to control.

  1. Content

    Rifts and Dungeons

    Rifts and Dunegons offer procedurally generated dungeons with randomised enemy placement based on player Lv. During certain periods, the Rift adds an extra challenge known as the Rift Overdrive. You can get more rewards if you enter the dungeon during these time periods.

    You can enter the Rift from anywhere at any level.

  2. Content

    Room of Duty

    The Room of Duty houses multiple dungeons and challenges including the Endless Tower, Lupa's Labnyrinth and much more! Increase your resources and take on some of the toughest challenges available with your friends

    Room of Duty is located in the city of Ohrdor. Player Lv. 25 or higher required

  3. Content

    Blood Castle

    Conquer the Monster Waves Within the Time Limit! The iconic time-attack dungeon of MU Online, Blood Castle, is a special dungeon for players at Lv. 45 and above.

    You can enter Blood Castle from the Room of Duty.

  4. Content

    Guild System

    Create a guild to receive exclusive guild buffs and to take advantage of features only available to guilds.

    You can register a guild through Guild Alliance Secretary Olson in Ohrdor's commercial district.

  5. Content

    Boss Raid

    Boss Raids are public events that appear randomly once the Rift has gone into Overdrive. Work together to defeat the Boss and obtain rare loot

    After the Rift goes into overdrive, Monster Invasions and Boss Raids occur randomly.

  6. Content


    Challenge your friends and strangers in duels in which you can drop a flag anywhere in the world. Also, in The Arena, you can have 1v1 battles against another player's AI character.

    Duels can be created anywhere in the world (except towns). The Arena can be accessed on the mission map guide.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
OS: WinXP SP3, Win7(32-bit) SP1 and above
CPU: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom II X4 and above
RAM: 3GB and above
Graphics Card: Geforce 8800GT / Radeon HD4850 and above
Direct X: 9.0c and above
Disk Space: 25GB and above

Recommended Requirements
OS: Win7(64-bit) SP1, Win8.1(64-bit), Win10(64-bit)
CPU: i5 760 / AMD Athlon X4 740 and above
RAM: 4GB and above
Graphics Card: Geforce GTS 450 / Radeon HD4890 and above
Direct X: 9.0c and above
Disk Space: 25GB and above

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