Share and play MU Legend's brand new content with your friends,
and while you're at it, receive free rewards!


STEP 1 Create your own unique "Friend Code" for your friends.

STEP 2 Share your Friend Code.

You can share your Friend Code via Facebook, Discord, Twitter & other social media platforms!

STEP 3 You can claim your reward when the invited friend's character reaches Level 80
and claims their 2nd reward.


STEP 1 Check if you can use the Friend Code on your account!

New Member The MU Legend account must be accessed within 7 days for the first time before you input the Friend Code.

Returning Member The MU Legend account must have no logins on record for the last 30 days before you input the Friend Code.

STEP 2 Enter Friend Code & select your nickname.

STEP 3 Claim the reward sent by your friend.
After connecting to the game and reaching Level 80 you can receive an additional reward.



Event Rules
  • 1. To invite or to be invited you must have a MU Legend account.
  • 2. To be invited you must be a new or returning member.
  • 3. Every account can be invited once, but there is no limit for inviting.
  • 4. An invited friend has to reach Level 80 and claim the reward in order to allow the inviter to claim the reward.
  • 5. Rewards will be sent to your Event Storage.

To use the Friend Code you must be a new or returning member.


If you've never purchased Redzen/Bound Redzen before, or you haven't purchased since March 30th UTC, we've got a special promotion for you! Up to 50% of the amount you purchased and spent during the event period will be given back as Bound Redzen! Don't miss out!

  • RATE20%

    Topped up and spent between
    0 and 1,000 Redzen/B. Redzen

  • RATE30%

    Topped up and spent between
    1,001 and 2,000 Redzen/B. Redzen

  • RATE50%

    Topped up and spent more than
    Redzen/B. Redzen

Event Rules
  • 1. Only those who have never topped up Redzen/Bound Redzen or who haven't topped up since March 30th UTC are eligible.
  • 2. Redzen spent via the Trade Broker is not valid for this event.
  • 3. Cashbacks will be made in Bound Redzen.
  • 4. The maximum amount you can receive is 1,500 Bound Redzen.
  • 5. Refunds will be made on June 21st UTC.
  • 6. All events follow WEBZEN’s Terms of Service.