Events will be running from 20 March to 17 April to coincide with the Spellbinder's release.
Various benefits for new and returning players!
Scroll below for details.


Returning players get an enhanced weapon and armor item, plus access to
Platinum Service through an in-game pop-up when they log in.

Conditions: Players who have not logged-in to the game since 06/03 must log in between 20/03 and 17/04

BONUSBonus EXP! Better Chance to Get Rare Items!
• Lv.-65 Class-7+ Weapon (Ancient) • Lv.-65 Class-5+ Armor (Legendary) • Welcoming Blessing • 3x Growth Potion
• 5x Dungeon Entrance Keys (Each) • 100k Magic Gems • 5x Resurrection Stone of Life • 20x Greater Recovery Potion
• Platinum Service (3 Days) • Dragon's Wings (Green) 3 Days • Dragon's Incarnation (Green) 3 Days • 3x Blue Imprint Scroll


Special benefits for all players! Log in on weekends for guaranteed Golden Boxes.

  • • 10x Trophy Coins
    • 50k Magic Gems
  • • 10x Trophy Coins
    • Platinum Service (3 Days)
  • • 10x Trophy Coins
    • Dragon's Incarnation (Green) 3 Days
  • • 10x Trophy Coins
    • Dragon's Wings (Green) 3 Days

Every day is golden! Bonus weekend buffs!

20/03 ~ 17/04
1.2x Bonus EXP Buff

On weekends between 20/03 and 17/04
+20% EXP/+10% Magic-Gem Drop/+100% Goblin Appearance

Golden Boxes can be obtained in the MU Legend Shop for FREE during the event period.