Update Preview - Enchantment System Revamp

11/21/2018 3:13:36 PM

Hello, Guardians of MU Legend!

It's Developer Rye here with news about the November update for you.

Anything we don't cover in the developer's notes can be found in the patch notes on the day of the update, so be sure to check them out.

The topic we'll be addressing here is "Changes to the Enchantment System".

So far, many of you have provided us with feedback on the enchantment system for various reasons.

Since enchantment has a chance to fail, it can be stressful for you. That's not really the purpose of the enchantment system, of course.

Enchantment must serve as something you can rely on for your gameplay.

We want to make sure that your efforts to enchant items are rewarded just as much as your efforts to acquire new items.

However, despite our intent, the current enchantment system doesn't seem to be playing the kind of role we intended.

We saw that too many items remain at +9, and little time is spent on enchanting items.

Whenever players acquire a new item, they would enchant it up to +9 right away and stop there. So, the Magic Gems accumulate in great amounts until players spend them all again when they get a new item.

It's not even that enchanting up to +9 provides a satisfying effect. We believe everyone stops enchanting items beyond that level because of the stress from possibly failing.

Since enchantment hasn't worked in the way it was supposed to, the value of resources like Magic Gems also began to plummet.

So, this update aims to turn enchantment into a feature that encourages players to continue to enchant items after they first acquire them.

Since our official launch, we have introduced changes to the enchantment system across multiple iterations. We've made changes to preserve the enchantment level upon failure and sped up the reaction time of the enchantment UI.

However, such changes only mitigated the peripheral stress involved in enchantment, without tackling the fundamental problem:

In MU Legend, players simply "don't feel like enchanting".

Of course, this update does not seek to completely remove all stress from enchantment.

Enchanting will remain a scary and stressful endeavor for many, even after this update.

However, we want to make it so that enchanting is still worth another try, however daunting it may seem.

The changes to the enchantment system in this update include some powerful reworks that affect the game, including enchantment success rate and destruction rules.

We therefore highly recommend that you read today's developer's note closely in order to prevent any unnecessary distress and losses.

Safeguard Tickets are items that prevent your equipment from being destroyed if you fail an enchantment beyond +9.

While they allow you to preserve additional stats like Transcendent Stones and imprint on your items, the ticket has been proven to be too inconvenient.

The Safeguard Ticket will now be completely removed from the game. Instead, a new feature called "Protected Enchanting" will be added.

Oh, by the way... You might wonder, "What will happen to the Safeguard Tickets I already have?"

- You can't use Safeguard Tickets for any enchanting after the November 27th update.

Like the Safeguard Tickets, Protected Enchanting can be used for enchantment levels of +9 or above, when there is a chance of having your item destroyed upon failure.

Protected Enchanting will not only prevent your item from getting destroyed in failed enchantments, but also reduce the enchantment level by only 1.

Whereas the Safeguard Ticket reset the enchantment values after preventing the item from getting destroyed, with Protected Enchanting, you'll lose only 1 enchantment level! This makes Protected Enchanting a truly powerful tool for enchantment.

You're all probably curious about the price of Protected Enchanting:

We'll make every effort to ensure that Protected Enchanting is priced reasonably.

We hope this new Protected Enchanting feature will allay the cost concerns about the enchantment system and encourage you to try to reach the highest enchantment levels more actively.

Mythic grade is the most popular grade for equipment in MU Legend. It's also the highest grade for weapons right now.

The November 27th update will bring two changes to the enchantment formula for Mythic equipment.

- Much higher success rates: The success rate of every enchantment level will be increased significantly. Enchantment up to +9 will become even more likely to succeed.

- No more enchantment-level decrease from failure: After this update, your enchantment level won't be reduced, even if you fail with +7 or +8 equipment (for all equipment except Set items).

Ultimately, these changes will significantly reduce the difficulty in enchanting Mythic equipment as well. Starting with these changes, we plan to set a clear difference between Mythic and Set armor.
The enchantment success rate for Set grade equipment will also be increased slightly. However, this increase won't be as significant as the one for Mythic enchantment.

+7 or +8 Set grade equipment will still drop an enchantment level upon failure. Set items are nicer than Mythic, but they're more difficult to enchant.

Today, we introduced four upcoming changes to the enchantment system. What do you think?

To recap:

Safeguard Tickets will be removed, and Protected Enchanting will be introduced instead. 

Using Protected Enchanting with items in the risky bracket will reduce the enchantment level by only 1 upon failure.

The enchantment success rate will increase, particularly more so for Mythic grade equipment.

Remember, no matter how much we adjust the success rate, you might not be able to immediately notice much difference when you're enchanting.
This small difference does make us hesitate about revealing the fact that we'll be increasing the success rate.
However, we firmly believe in ensuring transparency in our patches and updates.

We hurried to share this developer's note on the changes to the enchantment system before the update.

This is because we wanted to mitigate any unnecessary stress from enchantment for you before the update. This should give you some time to adjust to the new system after the update.

We'll continue to strive to ensure that enchantment can serve as one of the main "character growth factors" that make MU Legend so enjoyable as a game.

But wait! This is not everything - we want to increase the number of items obtainable using Bound Redzen with the next update.

To achieve this, we will remove the Unbind Scroll from the shop, this will allow us to offer you the Enchantment Protection for Bound Redzen.

We will also be able to offer you Red and Blue Imprint Scrolls, Seals of Oblivion, and White Scrolls for Bound Redzen starting with the next update, and we hope to offer more items for Bound Redzen in the near future.

We welcome any feedback in the coming weeks as well.

Thank you!