Spellbinder release date announced!

2/27/2018 3:03:27 PM

The Spellbinder, MU Legend's 5th class, is a support mage.

 The Spellbinder is a support mage and is MU Legend's 5th class. As a support mage can also be shaped into a DPS caster, the Spellbinder is a versatile character that suits many styles of play.

The Spellbinder has been confirmed to step foot on the MU Continent on March 20th 2018!

The Spellbinder update will also bring a host of new features to the game.

A whole new dungeon, "Lupa's Ancient Library", will offer a new challenge to high-level characters. New daily missions for the Room of Duty will be available, while others will grant Dukan's Proofs which will allow all classes to complete any 2 sets of armor: Helms, tops, bottoms, shoulder armor and shoes will be offered by the daily-mission merchant.

The achievement grade will also be raised, and players can expect to obtain rewards such as Traces of Destruction, Hero Tokens, Trophies and Magic Gems.

New crafting recipes will be introduced along with a new section in the inventory for players to stash their items and ingredients.

The update will also deliver the Season Mission system for the Faction War, bringing a new rewarding and competitive feature to guild-versus-guild play. As an example, the guilds' battlegrounds have been adjusted to host 8 guilds per disputed territory. New strategies will be needed to conquer consecutive territories, and a new Faction War ranking system will be displayed in real-time.

To go along with the Spellbinder update, a series of events will be deployed in which all players will be able to get free items and useful rewards.

In addition to the announcement of the Spellbinder release date, Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, commented on MU Legend's official release: "MU Legend's official release is set to happen later this year. While an OBT is often considered an official release, this period is more of a stepping stone in the life of a game. With the Spellbinder expansion and numerous other important updates in store for 2018 (including new continents, new dungeons, a new level cap and gear), MU Legend is well on track to hit all its development goals in the run-up to the official release."

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