Recent operations against suspicious accounts

11/16/2017 9:43:05 PM

Hello MUtizens,

some of you were wondering about what exactly we are doing against People who are using 3rd Party Software which gives them advantage in many places of the game.

We’re all gamers and we know how disappointing it is to see those names on top of the ranking, in the dungeon or on other websites boasting about what they did.

For some of you it might look like we do not care about the Problem or we are just not fast enough, but you can be sure, that we are taking constant actions, to get rid of those people in order to present a game to you, the real players and fans, not those, who needs to play unfair for whatever reason.

To give you a small insight and as well a proof of what we are doing and what we did so far, we decided to go with the “Full Transparency” approach and publish the list of banned Accounts during the first Ban wave. During the coming days, we will also clean up the affected Rankings from those Accounts.

Since we just started our actions, we might have catched as well some innocent players. Please don't panic if you think we blocked you for no reason, your account isn't lost. You can contact our costume support. The Support will check you case manually again and unblock your account.

We thank you for your understanding. During the coming days and weeks, we will update this List every now and then.

 These are the bot lists:


Character name Server
Aaestt Europe
Abbot Europe
Addison Europe
Adked Europe
Adolph Europe
aewafda Americas
aidan SEA
Akroma Europe
Alre Americas
Anse Europe
aouer Europe
aouyifu Europe
ar Europe
Archibald Europe
Aronld Europe
asdgf Americas
Asnv Europe
asqwe Americas
Azuluro Europe
badboys Americas
Baice Americas
baisi Americas
Bameo Europe
Bameoy Europe
bdhyes Americas
Bdsahay Americas
beforsh Americas
BeiJing Americas
Bessod Europe
bffett Americas
bfgtey Americas
Bigjian Americas
birlislf Americas
BlackDevil Europe
Blde Europe
Bloodwin Americas
bobojust Americas
Bock Europe
Boeiloc Europe
Booto Americas
Boris SEA
bosso Americas
boys Americas
Broderick Europe
Bufavi Europe
Burnaut Europe
buum Europe
BVG2 Americas
byijhsy Americas
Cae Europe
Canbeuse Americas
Caonimalaomei Americas
CashMeg Americas
CCvbf Americas
Celerom Europe
Cerqwe Europe
Changchun Americas
ChaWatr SEA
ckgsh Europe
Clihghgs Americas
closedoor Americas
closes Americas
ConnoC Americas
CoolBoy Europe
Cucars Europe
Czaey Europe
Darkeng Americas
Darnlog Americas
dasger Americas
DayVValker Europe
deawfw Americas
DeckA Americas
Delcmb SEA
derfsw Americas
dfsedg SEA
DGWWU Americas
dhgjk4 Americas
dhryuj SEA
dicee Americas
DIll Europe
DiMo Americas
Dinaf Europe
Dingmo Americas
DiscommodeDe Americas
Disgood Americas
diueing Americas
diushi Americas
DKMLL Americas
DLwangchao Europe
Doere SEA
doghappy Europe
Dorisa Europe
Doushen SEA
Dragonsoul Europe
dreehgyh Americas
dsafe SEA
dsagrs Europe
dseaf Europe
dwfwarhg Americas
e4e5r Americas
Eaebt Europe
ecky Europe
edd33 Americas
Eeysogi Europe
Ehdad Europe
Elogil Europe
Emilu Europe
Eml Europe
EOOD Europe
Eradarr Europe
ert Americas
etafe SEA
Eternity101 Europe
etesaf SEA
etyase SEA
Eustasy Europe
ew24 SEA
ewenemsik Europe
F2s2 Americas
Faens Europe
Fake_DL Europe
Fanatyk Europe
Fanke SEA
Fatmsn Europe
fawag Europe
FDBXO Americas
fdfew Americas
fdghr SEA
fdhjfgh SEA
feim Europe
feor Europe
few234few SEA
few23r23 SEA
fgdet Americas
fgjdfre SEA
FGSGSDG Americas
fihjsw Americas
fishen Americas
Fncwin Americas
Forevers Americas
Fqqddd SEA
Frosthowl Europe
Fsdfg1 Americas
Fylugut Europe
Garra Europe
gdefde Americas
gdev SEA
gdfrhde Americas
Gertt Europe
gfjfjk Americas
GggVV Americas
ghjkhikj Americas
ghrrhr Americas
ghtfsd Americas
giuyj Americas
Gmmsp Americas
GODGE Americas
goldlai SEA
GolfoGTI Europe
Grarza Europe
gsdsr Europe
gskki Americas
Gtikd SEA
Gudy Europe
Gula Europe
Gziaro Europe
HaHaLo Americas
hahaNONO Europe
hahsd Americas
HanDon Europe
Hardy SEA
hasda Americas
haykku SEA
hdsha Americas
hdujhes Americas
hdyt54ry54 Americas
heliope Europe
helsha Americas
herhref Americas
Herra Europe
Herupo Europe
heyman Americas
HGfdl Americas
hggfdd Americas
hgj54dfg SEA
hgyofd Americas
HHddc Americas
HHHE Americas
Hige Americas
Higy Europe
hohoyou Americas
Honghe Americas
Hotmo Americas
Houni Europe
htrhst Americas
huajianxiu1 Americas
hujikw Americas
Hyrura Europe
Ibobiq Europe
IIID Europe
IMGODG Americas
InaryNHK Europe
iu SEA
jackjoyo SEA
jacky Americas
JallToe Europe
Jamies SEA
Jaucs Europe
Jeffrey Americas
jhgfjdfx Americas
jhggdf Americas
jika Americas
jika Europe
Jilin Americas
JudyBelle Europe
juff Americas
KaerLous Europe
karentmil Europe
Karvanaamax Europe
katsuro SEA
KBHVVGF Americas
Kdhsa Europe
KerlTom Europe
keysl Europe
khjuut Americas
Killhappy Europe
Kimm Europe
Kingxmo Americas
KJHGH Americas
kjhjlbj Americas
kjlui Americas
Kleoi Europe
Kmxrt SEA
kolailai SEA
Kosi Americas
ksihjas Americas
ksjsha Americas
ktb SEA
ktclerlove SEA
kthuni SEA
ktmata SEA
ktmlxg SEA
ktpwon SEA
ktsember SEA
ktsocut SEA
kuangba Americas
kukstara2 Americas
Laddavo Europe
Lakxv Americas
Lameop Europe
Lameten Europe
Lamont Americas
langlangage Americas
lansi Americas
Laoemp Europe
Lapem Europe
Lapetne Europe
Larulu Europe
LaurelDavy Europe
Laxim Europe
Licen Americas
lihai21 Americas
Lixea Europe
lkmkjhh Americas
Lobebng Europe
LOLxiaogou Europe
Loveyaya Americas
Lpameo Europe
lsigwh Americas
Lucars Europe
lxfhbng Americas
lxkjfghg Americas
Maney Europe
Maoc Europe
Marin Americas
Mazzyaka Europe
Mfhcgcg Americas
Miiisyou Americas
miss007 Americas
missfa SEA
Mjkefc Europe
Mnbdu Europe
mokis Americas
Moli Americas
MourGan Europe
mrffgd SEA
MrS Europe
msadsd Europe
msawas Europe
Msdfasa Europe
msdfwa Europe
Mutamba Europe
muwater Americas
Nahal Europe
Naklxe Americas
Nakxrvn Americas
Nameios Europe
Namesqq Europe
NBCacc Americas
ncdvb Americas
Neita Europe
nengan Europe
Neraa Europe
NNb Americas
Nongan Americas
Nydia SEA
oam SEA
oDDo Americas
Oei111 Europe
Oeu Europe
oeu222 Europe
olll SEA
One_T Europe
OnlyRyou SEA
Onoxuqa Europe
OoASAoO Americas
oojhsa Americas
oOMOo Americas
oOUAUOo Americas
OoUUoO Americas
Oparte Europe
opas SEA
Oper SEA
os5 SEA
oyyi7i Americas
PalMa Europe
Papayou Europe
Pastmemory SEA
petyud Americas
PIIIIIa Europe
poiull SEA
POJLBCZ Americas
polisn Americas
Potatos Europe
Primo Europe
Purkao Europe
Putiz Americas
Qeletof Europe
QinsmR SEA
Qioer SEA
qw3s3r Americas
qweasd Americas
r5gy66uh Americas
Rdasontka Americas
Reddina Americas
rehffd SEA
rhfjrtksd SEA
Rieod SEA
Rin Europe
Riwygi Europe
RNEG Americas
rtdfsets SEA
running Americas
Ruuoul SEA
samv SEA
sd Europe
sdfdfjasm Americas
sdgdho Americas
sdghasag Europe
seaddfy SEA
Seddar Europe
Seepp SEA
Selecta Americas
Sfgxcfgfh Americas
ShadowRise Europe
Shantor Europe
ShaZ Europe
Shinjii Europe
sibada SEA
sifROM Europe
Sikses Europe
silolo SEA
Skfrvb Europe
skining Americas
SKTSKT Americas
slfjahf Europe
sohu Americas
sold SEA
Sooto SEA
sopiuy SEA
Sovyvud Europe
SSAWaa Americas
Statham Europe
Suiekx SEA
SuperGG Europe
Tgfgdd Americas
thaste Americas
Tianxuern Europe
Tima Americas
Timi Americas
Timk Americas
Timonn Americas
Tinade Europe
Tkjgvjnk Americas
Tnsy Americas
tome Americas
TooTzz Americas
Topzzq Europe
Touyer SEA
trefsf Americas
tsrgtsgrse Americas
Turapal Europe
Turealetoughso SEA
twitchPhanGames Europe
tyghd SEA
Umnrf Europe
Unhgcv Europe
UntilDown Europe
urtae SEA
usydys Americas
uykfgd SEA
uzi007 Americas
vdfetf Americas
vhbkre SEA
Vicky SEA
vidiou Americas
voio Americas
Vouban Europe
VyingSneak Americas
Wabbhy Europe
waGaa Europe
wang22 Europe
wang33 Europe
wang996 Europe
wangjj Europe
Wcnimeide Americas
Weaea SEA
Wellie Americas
whoareyou Americas
wiqvxvvb SEA
womeons Americas
Wsert Europe
XaX Europe
Xdsew Americas
Xerada Europe
Xiaogemeji Americas
xinba SEA
Xinyao SEA
Xinyiaini Americas
xkfajf Europe
xkfjq Europe
xkfngb Americas
xkmflagj SEA
xoaifj Europe
Xxinyigemeji Americas
yadiya Americas
Yafu SEA
yahan Americas
Yayaxin Americas
yeadf SEA
Yellsoe Americas
YesSoay Americas
Yfs2 SEA
Yfs3 SEA
Yfs4 SEA
Yongyuanjjide Americas
you1 Europe
you11 Europe
you22 Europe
you3 Europe
you55 Europe
youa Europe
Youcka Europe
Youmissk Americas
Ytras Europe
Yubenbebg Europe
yulo Americas
Ywawol Europe
yytr Europe
Yzhaowei Americas
Zaddarak Europe