Patch Notes | 27.11.2018

11/27/2018 10:09:18 AM

Hello MUtizens!

We have made several changes with today's maintenance.
To know more about these modifications, please read the full details below:


- Protected Enchanting system has been added. Redzen/Bound Redzen will be available to use for the Protected Enchanting system.
- All items will be bound to the character once jewels or tanscendence stones have been implemented, it has been enchanted or imprinted.
- Unbind Scrolls will not work anymore.
- Cube items can be stacked up to 30 times.
- Group-dismantling grades have been modified. There are now 4 buttons that allow you to add Common-Heroic/Legendary/Ancient/Mythic items at once.
- A new Sell All feature has been added in the shops. Grouping buttons are the same as those in the Dismantle window.
- A new Open Cubes feature has been added. You can open all stacked cubes at once by clicking "Ctrl + left-click" and paying the price to open. Also, you need to have space in your inventory.
- A new feature has been added to the Trade Broker. You can now see the market price of the items before selling them. 
- An icon now appears when you sell an item via the Trade Broker.
- New loading screens have been added related to Chaos Castle.
- The mail system has been renewed. There are now "Open all" & "Delete all" functions.
- The mailing fee has been removed.
- You can now move the cursor in the mail system by pressing Tab.
- You cannot delete mails with attached items.
- A new name-search feature has been added in the mail system.
- Trade Broker tree has been modified.
- The Old Talisman Lucky Box has been changed to Ancient grade. You can now obtain Ancient Talismans from them. 
- The Belbee pet has been modified. It is now stronger against Plant/Mutation type monsters.
- Ether-extraction system has been modified. 
- An activation alert for the Sealed Spirit Stone has been added.
- Conversion-reset conditions have been modified. You now need to open all Sealstones and Sealed Spirit Stones.
- 6 new monster skills have been added.
- Soul Fragment drop rate has been increased in Lv. 70 Mythic dungeons at difficulty levels 2 and 3.
- Changed the probability of dropping Set items upon opening Raging Test Subject's Cubes in Epic dungeons.
- New Talismans have been added (Kaizel and Targash).
- The goal probabilities for Talisman quests have been increased.
- If your Artifact level is 70, you will be able to activate Lupa's Awakened Labyrinth.
- Jonathan's Daily Mission content has been modified. Removed Fire/Ice Demon Cave and increased from 1 to 2 the number of proofs to be given from missions.
- Jonathan's Daily Mission NPC will no longer Heroic skill crests.
- The modified Evil Energy Forest has been changed to a solo dungeon - parties can no longer enter.
- Faction War reset process has been changed. The Faction War will not be reset before the beginning of the season.
- Chaos Castle content has been added.
- Guild system has been revamped.
- Character-balance changes have been implemented.
- UI simplifications have been implemented. 
- The method to save a dungeon spot has been changed from in front of the boss-room portal to inside of the boss room (except Sanctum of Dragon Knights). 

Artifact Changes

- Sunrise

    Damage has been doubled and skill-activation timing has been slightly modified:

    Basic Damage: 105% > 210% (2 times)

    Growth Damage: 1.5% > 3% (2 times)

    Sunrise effect was occurring too much and it has been modified.

- Awakened Sunrise

    Growth Effect Cooldown: 25 sec > 20 sec

    Lv. 40 Growth Effect Damage: 1,000% > 2,000%

- Awakened Rainbow

    Growth Effect Cooldown: 15 sec > 10 sec

    Lv. 1 Growth Effect Damage: 20% > 25%

- Awakened Tenacity

    Lv. 1 Growth Effect Damage: 4% > 10%

Monster Special Skills

1) Suppression: Halts the MP recovery of surrounding characters.
2) Sore Loser: Causes a great explosion upon death. (1,000% of attack power)
3) Poison: Creates a Poison area upon death.
4) Fence: Creates fences around it. (200% of attack power for 2 minutes)
5) Evaporate: Evaporates its killer's MP.
6) Sensitivity: Responds sensitively to incoming damage.

Pet System

1) Modified the display of owned pets in the pet banner (from paws to an actual number).
2) Increased the visibility of the pet banner's region-move button (lighter).
3) Improved the alter function of missing pets (darker).
4) Added an alert function when pet adventure is possible (! mark).
5) Changed the alert shape of pet collection/growth effects (all 3 effects).
6) Pet-growth alert now also displays the level.
7) Moved the location of some buttons.
8) Changed the way completed adventures are displayed.
9) Pet party can no longer be made after pet adventure.
10) Design changes applied for pet-adventure-related buttons.
11) Pet-sorting priority changed (default: from growth to combat power).
12) Growth slot settings depend on whether Platinum Service is active or inactive.

Iris's Training Center

1) Entry Limit - Soul Level: 240 to 300 (can enter before 300)
2) Soul EXP from quests: 310 to 650
3) The number of coins given from quests: 12 to 42
4) The number of coins required by the Training Camp NPC has been changed.

Talisman Unit System
- The Talisman Units have been added
- Players will be able to collect certain Talismans and grow them
- There are 7 Talisman Units
- Players will obtain rewards based on thir achievements, such as big amount of soul fragments and even an ancient grade costume and wings (Unlimited)!

1st Anniversary Event - Ohrdor Sewer

The difficulty has been increased for the last stage of the event:

- Sewer time limit has been decreased from 5 min to 3 min.
- Speed of all monsters has been increased.
- The number of monsters and the difficulty of the dungeon have been increased.
- Win rewards have been enhanced with the increased level of difficulty
(Soul EXP 313,000 > 360,000; Magic Gems 20,000 > 25,000).

- Legend of Dice has been added. Period: 27/11 to 25/12.
- Enchantment Buff Event has been added.
- Curious Transcendent Stone Event has been added.

- A new special Talisman has been added.

- Bug fixed: Players couldn't use skills when they changed the skill quick slot while moving into another map.
- Bug fixed: Text of "View all class items" was broken.
- Bug fixed: Expired items could be used when they were separated from stacked items.
- Bug fixed: The cursor changed upon clicking "Repair Selected" in the NPC shop. 
- Bug fixed: The Dark Lord's weapon appeared to float after attempting to enchant an equipped two-handed weapon.
- Bug fixed: When growing a Lv. 9 pet to Lv. 10, the percentage appeared as 100% no matter which pet was being used.
- Bug fixed: Talisman quest related to the NPC with a "!" mark would not show when a character was doing the Holy Gems quest.
- Bug fixed: During the 1st anniversary event, monsters killed by party members were not being counted.
- Bug fixed: In the Treasure Hunt event, big treasure chests were spawning at the same spot.
- Bug fixed: The "End of His Tragic Madness" quest in the Restricted Area dungeon could not be played.
- Bug fixed: The Noria event dungeon could be entered with party members (event dungeon should not be entered with a party).
- Bug fixed: When a character used the "Lethal Shadow" skill, the attack-increase figure was incorrect.
- Bug fixed: New characters could not be created.