Patch notes | 13/02/2018

2/13/2018 9:34:11 AM

Hello MUtizens,

The regular maintenance is over and we've applied bug fixes according to your reports in the forum, on Facebook and Discord.

● In the past, some kills were not recognized in the early stage of a 3 Vs. 3 battle in the PVP arena. This bug is fixed from today on.
● A bug which lead into not being able to close the "Reset Item Options" Window was fixed
● The last Item (Day 21) with no name, from the Daily Login Event, was replaced by an Item with a name (Valentines Costume).
● Some visual distractions, related to the Tutorial were fixed.
● We've add a new condition to enter the Heath mine the first time: Level 23
● Some text errors like typos and appearance were fixed.
● The "congratulate" function has been altered:
The congratulate function is an ingame feature where you can earn EXP by praising the top Combat Power player on the server. It is accessible by clicking in a statue localized in Ohrdor.
The amount of EXP has been reduced to all soul level 200+ characters.
Old: 10% of the soul level bar
New: 5% of the soul level bar

Known Issues:
We are aware of a bug that prevents the player from reaching levels higher than 80 in the Endless Tower. The Developers are already informed and will work on a fix as soon as possible.

The servers are already open, you can now dive back into MU Legend.


Your MU Legend team.