Patch Notes - 09/07/2019

7/9/2019 7:19:12 AM

Hello MUtizens!
We have made several changes with today's maintenance.
To know more about these modifications, please read the full details below:
New Content
1) Fallen Liberators' Hideout
- Fallen Liberators' Hideout dungeon will be added.
- Fallen Liberators' Hideout can be entered by using the Porystal item, and Talisman skills may be used inside the dungeon.
- Drop Location: Chaos Castle (1st-place reward), Airship Defense, Tower of Dawn, Kanturian Ark Level 3 and higher.
- Crafting and enchanting materials for the Unique-grade gloves can be acquired.
2) Unique-Grade Gloves
- Unique gloves with a special function will be added; Attack is greatly increased at the cost of Defense.

1) New Event
- Ohrdor Envoy Event will begin.
- Wandering merchants who sell rare items will appear in Ohrdor every day. Click here to check the event news page.
2) Event Closing
- Caribe Paradise Event will be closed.
- New Bellias and Death Roar Talismans.
- New Special Talisman Lucky Chests.
- Talisman Lucky Chests have been renewed.
- New costumes & wings.

- Fixed: Abnormal stat issue with the event-distributed unlimited costume & wings (Nightmare, Sorrow).