Patch Notes 09/01/2018

1/9/2018 10:55:02 AM

Hello MUtizens,

today we had a regular maintenance and we applied some fixes to errors reported by you in our forums or by Support ticket. Please find the details below:

New Features

We successfully applied the eagerly awaited Faction War update.
Please note: The first Faction war season, Season 0, starts on Friday, 12/01/2018 at 21:00 (Servertime). If you do not know about the Faction War, you can get an idea by reading the Developer letter #1 and the Developer Letter #2 we sent last week.
Within this week, we're going to send an other news which explains the Faction War more in detail, stay tuned.

Holiday Event

We ran out of Gingerbread. We grant our Webzen bakers some well deserved Holidays now and expect some new pastries soon :)

Bug fixes

- Fixed the "Countdown bug" for the 1 Vs. 1 Duels
- Fixed the bugs known as "Darkhorsebug" (Using other skills while sitting on the dark horse) and "Fire Bludgeon bug" (Ignoring the enemies defence) for the Darklord.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong enchantment level is shown by selling an Item in the Auction house.
- Fixed an error in the Auction House where the wrong Item was registered
- The Display error on some types of wings was removed
- Fixed a bug that shows "Not Disposable" for some Items
- Fixed a bug character is not automatically kicked out of tournament zone when a match is over
- Fixed a bug Blader's Rampaging EXP is not increasing after using it
- Fixed a bug item's background color is not appear in the contribution shop

Know Issues

- Players dying in 3v3 mode can be disconnected from the game, forcing them to go back to character selection screen.
Development team has been notified and we are working on solving this issue as soon as possible.

Legend Shop

We've added some new Items to the Legend Shop.
The Servers are already open, we hope you enjoy the new update on Friday and wish you a lot of fun on the Continent of MU.

Sincerely yours,
MU Legend Team