Patch Notes - 07/08/2018

8/7/2018 10:46:26 AM


Dear MUtizens,

Today's maintenance brings several changes.

Please check out the patch notes below for details:


- New Continent: Noria

- New cities and areas added.

- New main missions have been added.

- New system: Talisman. Awaken the power of your talisman through the main quest and acquire a new power to use in specific zones.

- New system: Ether Refinery. You can acquire some special items by dismantling items from the different bosses to earn "Ether" and use it to open the crystals.

- New system: Item refinery. You can dismantle premium wings and outfits you haven't used for refinery points to purchase permanent outfits/wings/mounts.

- Maximum level: 70

- Structure of Guild Harbor has changed.

- Structure of Ohrdor has changed.

New Porystal: Abandoned Secret Vault has been added. To obtain the entries, you need to kill Pot Goblins that spawns randomly in Restricted Area 6-1 when you kill the boss.

New artifacts: Awakening. You can awaken your artefact and increase your combat power and stats. You will require awakening fragments and essences.

New Lupa's Labyrinth Awakening dungeon. You can play up to 50 stages to level up your new artefacts.

Achievement grades 120 to 159 have been added.

- 168 new achievements have been added.

- Subjugation has been reworked. Now you can subjugate every daily dungeon listed with one button and gain more rewards.

- Card system has been reworked. After finishing some dungeons, a card game will appear. The rewards in the card game have changed to: Heroic items, Legendary items, Spirit of Naturam and Magic Gems depending on the level and difficulty of the dungeon.

- Airship Defense dungeon has been added. To participate, you need to have reached level 70 and awakened the Talisman.

- Magic Gem Shop updated: Polished Newk Small and Medium have been added.

- Tier 4 wings have been added to the game. You will need Wing Evolution Stones and Seals of Transcendence to upgrade your wings to Tier 4. One more fixed option has been added with this new wing.

- Phantom Cubes can now be crafted with 50 fragments.

- Pet system has been reworked. You can level up more than 1 pet at the same time. The adventure quest for pets has been added. You can send your pets into missions to acquire new items.

- New daily missions have been added. Now you can do "Jonathan’s Daily Missions" to acquire Jonathan's Proof to exchange for items with NPC Jonathan in Ohrdor.

- You can extend the storage and premium storage slots. You will need to use Redzen to open the new slots.

- Fire/Ice Demon Cave have been reworked. Chilling embers drop rate has doubled. Resurrection counter removed. You can play the dungeon alone.

- Soulstones updated. Required ingredients are 1 Boss Soul Fragment and, if necessary, 1 Sage Stone. Endless Tower Merchant now sells boss soul fragments (level 65).

- Platinum Service has been reworked: More features, such as personal remote storage, new daily boxes and other things are available. Also, you obtain rewards from Fabrice's Garden, the Gem Mines and Luery.

New Premium Service Features

- 2 free resurrections for platinum users

- 2 free subjugations for platinum users

- 2 pet growth slots for platinum users

- 2 more pet adventures

- 5,000 Magic Gem Bonus

- Remote Personal Stash

- Fusion System update: Level 66-70 items of same grade and division will generate items for your class with same grade and division.

- New Soulstones have been added.

- New Transcendence Stones have been added (level 70 Red/Blue/Green).

- Craft system has been reworked. You can see new UI and items in the crafting system.

- Endless tower now has 150 floors. New monsters and new CC available in the tower. You can now skip up to 14 floors. Rewards available in the tower have been increased.

- Blood Castle has been reworked. You need to have reached level 70 to enter. You can use talisman skills. Better reward for level 70. No auto queue available. Some of the rewards are: Soul Fragment, Soul Fragment Pot, Skill Crest, Soul EXP Potion, Soul EXP Potion chest.

- New system: Linda's Guide System has been added.

- Iris's Training Camp has been added.

- These two dungeons are for Level 70, Soul Level < 300

1. Mock Combat Training Center

  - Talisman Skill can be used here

  - 2 Gate Quests

  - Shine drop, sanctum available

  - Kill boss to complete the dungeon

  - Monster drops neither Zen nor items, EXP will be the same as Normal stage

2. Intensive Training Center

  - Talisman Skill can be used here

  - 2 Gate Quests

  - 8 Monster Waves + Boss

  - Monster drops neither Zen nor items, EXP will be the same as Normal stage

- NPC items cannot be dismantled to prevent abuse of talisman level.

- Pit-of-the-Dead Reward change

- Phantom Cube now requires 50 fragments instead of 150 fragments

- Phantom Cube will drop accessories with 100% chance (Newk will not be dropped by the cube)

- Phantom Cubes now drops Aveeter accessories, which until now could only be obtained from Aveeter Cubes.

- Fierce Aveeter's Insight and Decisive Judge's Authority only require 1 Judge's Gaze.

- Maximum stacks of Consumables and Material have been increased from 99 to 250. Inventory and Storage can now be used more efficiently.

- Item descriptions have been simplified: Currently, item descriptions are too long to fit on the game screen. Item descriptions now have the right length. Updated descriptions include item information and set piece options. Press and hold Alt key to display extended item descriptions. They will now display simplified descriptions by default.

Pet System

- Pet Residential Areas

   - Added residential areas for pets. Currently, there are 3 areas: 'The Village of Beginnings', 'Little Rascals of Noria', 'Gather Around, My Dreamland Friends!'

- Pet collection/Growth effects

   - Collecting multiple pets within a region enables special effects. Only unique pets can be part of the collection.

   - The efficiency of special effects is based on the growth level of the pets within the region. The higher the growth level, the higher the effect level.

- Pet Adventures

   - Pet Adventures have been added to the game. You can now send your pets on adventures to collect useful resources. Higher-tier pets increase the chance of a successful adventure. Sending the pet leader will further increase the success rate.

- Pet Growth

   - Separate growth system for summoned pets. Summoned pets no longer gain experience. Pets assigned to the growth slot gain experience instead.

   - Platinum Plus effect now adds an additional slot for pet growth. You can train up to 3 pets at once.

   - Pet Growth Booster has been added to the game. Using a booster greatly increases the amount of experience your pet gains. You can use up to 3 buffs at once.

Faction War

Note: Increasing the adjacent territory level means that other guilds cannot take control of the territory, decreasing the total number of followers on the server. This is implemented to avoid a single guild taking control of all territories. Therefore, this change will not vastly increase the total number of followers.

Adjusted the number of followers in Faction Wars:

1-Star Territory: 50 to 100

2-Star Territory: 100 to 200

3-Star Territory: 200 to 300

Adjacent Territory Lv. 1: 50 to 100

Adjacent Territory Lv. 2: 70 to 150

Adjacent Territory Lv. 3: 100 to 200

Adjacent Territory Lv. 4: 150 to 300

Adjacent Territory Lv. 5: 300 to 500

Whisperer Rework

1. Torment Magnetic Field Attack ratio (310% > 365%), Stun duration (0.5 sec > 2.5 sec), AoE change (rectangle 1200 > 1300)

2. Smokescreen

2.1 Cooldown Increases (15s > 20s)

2.2 Skill duration decreases (6s > 4s)

2.3 Attack ratio increases (105% > 180%)

2.4 AoE increases (circle 400 > circle 600)

2.5 Player will be hidden in smoke

2.6 Skill target changed (target > herself)

3. Smokescreen (Soulstone)Green Sanctum now increases weapon skill attack by 50%

3.1 Skill radius increases (circle 600 > circle 800)

3.2 Attack ratio increases (180% > 195%)

4. Multi Kill range increases (10m >16m), radius increases (circle 400 > circle 500)

5. Power of Madness animation and delay removed, can be use while moving

6. Explosive Shot attack increases (310% > 360%), damage area increases (cone 25 > cone 45)

7. Wind Sprint cooldown decreases (30s > 20s), evasion time increases (1.5s > 2.0s)

Balance of Classes

War Mage

1. Energy Explosion: range increases (10m > 12m).

2. Chaos Orb: Range increases (11m > 12m).

3. War Veteran: Range and AoE increase (range: 2m > 5m, AoE: cone 500, 50 > cone 800, 65).

4. Torment Wave: Skill changed.

5. Magic Sword Throw: throws magic sword forward, deals 135% of attack as damage and with random chance 70% of attack as additional damage.


1. Piercing Arrow: Skill Changed.

2. Ice Arrow: deals 125% of attack and slows the enemy for 2 seconds by 20%.

3. Poison Arrow: removed poison bug, attack ratio increases (90% > 120%, now deals DoT for 2.5 second with 65% of attack, can be stack up to 3 times).

4. Multi Arrow: Skill Changed.

5. Weakness Shot: deals 130% damage and 250% damage to third shot.

6. Frontal Shot: Skill Changed.

7. Buckshot: deals 85% damage and deals damage to the target behind.

8. Flamethrower: Skill Changed.

9. Fire Bullet: deals 105% damage on target and 30% on enemies in the area around the target

10. Earth Elemental: Nature's Essence (deals 505% of attack 2 times and 345% explosive damage).

11. Earth Elemental (Custom): Nature's Essence (Custom): explosive damage increased by 250%, deals additional explosive damage on target (320%).

12. Earth Elemental Passive changed to Earth's Blessing: After every 5th skill mana regen increases by 100% for 3s

13. Natural Assimilation: when using this skill, critical rate increases by 50%, critical damage by 20%, 50% of max HP will be restored over 3 sec, mana cost increased to 52.

14. Natural Assimilation (custom): when using this skill, critical rate increases by 60%, critical damage by 20%, 50% of max HP will be restored over 3 sec, mana cost increased to 52.


1. Attack Order: Skill duration (10s > 7s).

2. Purification Mana Restore (50% > 40%).

3. Two hand weapon skill: mana regen 12 > 15, attack increased by 10%.

4. Hallucinatory Infection: now AOE skill (Mana cost increased from 19 to 76). AoE increased (circle 250 > circle 400), effect improved.

5. Full Throttle: stealth time change (1.5s > 1.0s).


1. Lost Memory of Chip (07/08 – 04/09)

2. Expedition Notes of Noria.

3. Talisman Ranking Event.

4. Noria Conquest Missions.

5. Kundun’s Champion.

6. Players Always Welcome

7. Daily Golden and Login Events

* Note: For more information about these events, please visit the webpage (Link).



- Fixed a bug that caused character nickname and damage count to overlap.

- You can now check the full name of character by hovering the mouse pointer over the damage meter.

- The number will now be show differently in the meter (100,000 = 100K)

- PVP Mode: Fixed a bug that prevented the skill effect from being visible while the opponent uses stealth. This change will allow users to recognize what skill has been used on them while their opponent uses stealth.

- Removed the system message “Checkpoint is not saved”.

- Fixed a bug that prevented Transcendence star 4 pieces bonus from being correctly applied to the War Mage's Ice Wall skill.

- Fixed a bug that prevented Ice Wall of the War Mage from applying the slow icon to the target.

- Fixed a bug that cause Dark Lord’s "Dark Resister" to stack 2 set pieces twice.

- Fixed a bug that caused the 6 pieces of the Whisperer's "Far-seeing Sapientia" to stun your character as well.

- Imprint option changed. Plant, Insect, Beast, Undead, Demon, Mutant, Magic Monster Bonus Attack are no longer available in Heroic/Legendary imprints.

- Fixed a bug that prevented users from dying against monsters after a duel request had been issued.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Blader's propulsion passive from being applied to Leap Attack (Soulstone).

- Fixed a bug that caused the Dark Lord's Eternal Flame (Fricker Soulstone) to apply a higher critical rate than intended.

- Fix a bug that caused the Dark Lord's Fire Bludgeon DoT to inflict True Damage.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Dark Lord's Guardian's Authority passive from triggering on a weapon skill when a one-hand weapon was equipped.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the stun duration of Rugard's Rage (Soulstone) from increasing after charging.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the tooltip of the Endless Tower Subjugation UI from displaying rewards correctly when hovering the mouse cursor.

- Fixed a bug that disabled the subjugation for Bound Redzen while displaying the system message "Not Enough Zen."

- Fixed a bug that caused the price of removing an appearance change to be displayed incorrectly.

- Fixed a bug that caused a black-market vendor to spawn endlessly inside the Intensive Cultivation Room.

Know Issues:
Sprout System - Some users are not receiving the new Sprout Buff. The reasons for that might be: level up, new quests, etc.
Our team is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.

Daily Login Event: - Edited on 08/08 at 13h45min UTC.
A problem has been found regarding this event and we had to close it.
Golden Time Event remains and will take place until 04/09 (until maintenance).

Noria Conquest Missions: - Edited on 08/08 at 13h45min UTC.
There was an issue with the following items: 3 Days Platinum & 3x Resurrection Stones.
Items delivered were not working before for the Platinum Ticket and a Megaphone was being delivered instead of the Resurrection Stones. - This issue has been fixed.
Everyone who already collected these items, will receive the correct items soon.

New Guide System - Linda's Progression Training: Step 1
Move to the Room of Duty, reward: Platinum Service 1 day ticket.
This ticket is not working at the moment, our devs are aware of the issue and looking for a solution.


To fix the error above please visit THIS LINK.