Fire, Ice & Death - New Dungeons in MU Legend

4/27/2018 4:24:40 PM

Dear MUtizens,

The 8th of May holds much in store for you and we'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about what you can expect. As you probably already gauged from our Facebook page, it will become hot and cold (not to be mistaken for lukewarm) this month. The Ice Demon Cave, Fire Demon Cave, and the Pit of the Dead are the newest dungeons in MU Legend. Besides offering a whole range of new quests, the new dungeons are also the hide-out of the Black Marketeer. And the term 'hide-out' is to be taken quite literally here, as the Black Marketeer sticks to the shadows and avoids drawing any unwanted attention to himself.
But let's get to the nitty-gritty and tell you the details of what you can expect.

Fire Demon Cave & Ice Demon Cave

Minimum Level: 65
Entries: 2 per day
Min. Combat Power: 180,000
Items: 1 Sage Stone per entry

Both dungeons can be reached via the Rift Research Society. Due to the difficulty of those dungeons, the Society insists that players must have reached at least 180,000 Combat Power before they enter the caves. Can't say those rift-researchers don't look after the safety of their people.
Once you're inside the cave you have to find the key monster. Unlike in other dungeons, however, some of the key keepers in these caves need a bit of persuasion before they show themselves. If those key holders aren't where they should be, just look around for the key that unlocks the key monster – did anyone say key? ...sorry ;)
Another key feature in the caves: Most of the "Kill the key monster" quests have a time limit (see screenshot.)

The Demon Caves are accompanied by 14 new quests

 - Into the World of the Book
 - Dance of Ice and Lava
 - The Ice Demon Cave and the Fire Demon Cave
 - Chill Knights
 - Weakened Soul Crystals
 - Grudge Against the Queen
 - Queen's Last Moment
 - Ruler of Fire
 - Holy Grail of Fire
 - Various Essences of Fire
 - His Fiery Eyes Closed
 - Unresponsive Henchman
 - Wishing for a Happy Ending
 - Chilling Embers


The Black Marketeer appears once you complete all gate quests. In case you missed one of them, don't worry, you can also make the Black Marketeer appear by finishing a bonus quest.

You'll find a selection of items the Black Marketeer has on offer at the end of this article.

Pit of the Dead

Minimum Level: 65
Entries: 1 per day
Min. Combat Power: 180,000

The Pit of the Dead is the newest and, until the arrival of the Noria Update, the hardest dungeon in MU Legend. The wall of the Room of Duty has been ripped open, revealing a hallway leading to the Pit of the Dead. The concept of this dungeon is based on 'intense battles against various boss monsters'. The Pit of the Dead consists of 3 floors. On each floor you'll find a switch, the so-called key stone, that allows you to summon the boss. Each floor of the Pit of the Dead must be completed within a specific time limit.
The main rewards are accessories, crafting items, cubes, and mythical items.


 - Dumpain's Call
 - Pit of the Dead
 - Strange Pandemonium
 - Looking for Clues
 - Looking for New Clues
 - Subjugate the Pit of the Dead
 - Pandemonium Scholar's Material 1
 - Valuable Research Specimen
 - Pandemonium Scholar's Material 2
 - Much-needed Comeback
 - A Mysterious Helper
 - Deliver Facts


After you've cleared all the monsters from one floor (for now), Phantom Crystals will appear on the map. Destroy those crystals to receive rewards.
On top of all this you may even get lucky and run into the Black Marketeer here, who's got a great selection of precious items on offer. Some of the items sold by the Black Marketeer are listed at the end of this article.

The Black Marketeer

The items the Black Marketeer has on offer depend on the floor on which you meet him. They also differ when you meet him again on the same floor. Here, you'll find a small selection of the items you can purchase from the Black Marketeer in the Pit of the Dead or in one of the Demon Caves.


 - Tier 2 Transcendent Stone Fragments (Red/Green/Bue)
 - Mythic Equipment Box
 - Kaizel's Cube
 - Lupa's Brilliant Cube
 - Lupa's Blinding Cube
 - Aveeter's Cube
 - Magic Gem Chest
and many, many more.