Faction War: Developer's Note #2

1/5/2018 3:00:00 PM

Hello MUtizens!

Hello MUtizens,

This is Homil again, content developer for MU Legend. Today, I present the second part of the developer's notes regarding the Faction War update.

This time around, we'll take a closer look at the new content.
How to occupy a territory, what benefits you can get, how the new Follower System enhances the gameplay of MU Legend, and the future expansion of the Faction War!
Today's post includes some tips that will help you quickly familiarize yourself with the new content, giving you a strategic advantage over other players.


The core resource for the Faction War: Guild Trophies. What are they?
To participate in the Faction War, guilds need Guild Trophies, which they can collect using the newly introduced Trophy Donation feature with the Faction War update.

Guild members collect Trophy Tokens while playing the game, which they donate to their guilds, increasing their total number of Guild Trophies.
Trophy Tokens can be earned in various ways in the game, including via Mythic Dungeon Cubes, Field Boss Cubes, Lupa's Library Cubes and Lupa's Labyrinth Cubes.

By now, you must think that earning Trophy Tokens relies too much on chance.
You are right! If you are not a hardcore gamer, you may feel that donating tokens is cumbersome.
That's why the popular duo of the Ohrdor Commercial District, Dukan and Trilgard, will sell Trophy Tokens!

After the Faction War update, you can also earn 3 Trophy Tokens by just talking to quest NPCs while playing the basic guide quests. So, make sure you complete them!

What are Guild Trophies good for?

Now your guild has some Guild Trophies, accumulated through your guild members' hard work. You might be wondering, "What am I supposed to do with these?".
Guild Trophies are the currency you use to apply for a Faction War tournament.
In order to occupy a desired territory in the Faction War, you must apply for the tournament corresponding to that specific territory.
The Guild Master applies for a tournament with Guild Trophies.
Only up to 16 guilds can compete for a single territory.
Of course, in some cases during the application period, more than 16 guilds might apply to compete for the same territory.
When this happens, the guild that pays the highest number of Guild Trophies will have priority over other guilds.
It's like closed bidding, where you don't know what values the other bidders have proposed.
In the actual match, when two guilds are tied at the end, the guild that paid more trophies will win the match.
Also, if one of the guilds has to win by default due to a high competition rate, that default-win privilege will be rewarded based on the number of trophies paid by each contesting guild.
So, if your guild applies for a tournament, you'll want to spend as many trophies as you can afford.

Better Territory, Larger Attack Unit!

If a guild has its application accepted, the guild has to participate in the first preliminary match held at 9:00 p.m. on the Sunday of a tournament week.
To play a match, you should form an Attack Unit with your guild members.
Importantly, the higher the grade of your target territory, the larger the number of players you need in an Attack Unit.
A 1-star territory needs 5 players, a 2-star needs 10 and a 3-star needs 20 players in a unit.
So, even a guild with only five members has a chance to occupy a territory.
All matches in a tournament for a 1-star territory are 5v5 matches, regardless of the size and overall combat power of the participating guilds.
A 3-star territory, on the other hand, is vastly more difficult to conquer, not least because you have to gather 20 of your guild's strongest warriors.
3-star territories offer massive benefits, but are proportionately more difficult to claim.

Be On Time to Play! Punctuality is Key!

Suppose you've painstakingly gathered all those Guild Trophies, formed an Attack Unit and made all the necessary preparations. It will be all for nothing if you don't know when your match begins.
In the Faction War, the arena doesn't wait for you. So you must "depart" for the arena, on time, to complete your preparations.

Each Attack Unit has a different tournament schedule, depending on how many guilds applied for the target territory.
This is why it's crucial to frequently check the schedules in game.
Feels a bit complicated, doesn't it?
It's OK! We've included various notifications and guide systems so that you can participate in a tournament without any problems.
More information will be provided on the update day in the patch notes, so wait for the update!


Don't worry! I'm not finished yet.
Let's talk about the topic you must be most curious about. What perks and benefits do I get for occupying a territory? Let's take a look.
The rewards from occupying a territory in the Faction War are not mere trinkets or boosts that you could get from other activities. These benefits can transform the way your character progresses.

Transcend Equipment

After the update, you can collect Transcendent Stone Fragments by dismantling equipment.
These fragments can be used to craft Transcendent Stones. And with those stones, you can imbue your equipment with Transcendent Stats.
However, a Transcendent Stone is no good by itself.
You have to intensify Transcendent Stones using "Intensification Stones".
Intensifying a Transcendent Stone gives stat-boost effects to it. Use the stone on a piece of equipment, and the equipment will then have the Transcendent Stats.

A Transcendent Stone can be intensified up to 12 times.
Stats are randomly applied at each intensification, which makes it the ultimate challenge to craft a max level Transcendent Stone.
However, Transcendent Stones greatly boost the stats of your weapons (attack), armor (max HP) and accessories (all damage reduction). They will be essential when it comes to growing the very best character.

Intensification Stone Crafting

So, where do you get these Intensification Stones?
You can gain the ability to craft them by occupying territories.
Like Artifact Alchemy, Intensification Stones are also crafted over a certain time.

Transcendent Stones come in three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Intensification Stones also come in different grades: Hero, Legendary, and Ancient, corresponding to the respective tiers.
Therefore, the way to craft the best Transcendent Stone is to craft the best Intensification Stone.
We will talk about the different benefits of the different territory grades later. In this section, it is sufficient to mention that a territory's grade determines how many Intensification Stones can be crafted at a time. Having a higher-grade territory will greatly boost the efficiency of your Intensification Stone crafting.

Contribution Shop

With the Faction War update, you can finally spend the Contribution Points that haven't had a use in the game so far.
In each territory, you will find a Contribution Merchant!
Contribution Merchants sell a wide selection of unique items in exchange for Contribution Points.
The merchants' inventory will be expanded and improved in the future. So, wait for the coming updates!

Equipment Fusion

This is a system that allows the crafting of a new equipment piece of the same kind, by fusing multiple equipment pieces of the same kind.
Fusing equipment produces a random item of the same grade. You could get a highly valuable item if you are lucky.
This system may sound familiar to many of you.
However, we've tweaked it a little with a new benefit, Fusion Options, that you can get only through equipment fusion.

Territory Grade and Benefits

The previous developer's note discussed how MU Legend aspires to be a game that engages as many players as possible.
The same philosophy went into the development of the Faction War; we wanted to build an environment in which many guilds could participate and compete with each other.
To make sure that even small guilds can have a shot at occupying a territory, we classified territories into different star grades, and designed 1-star territories that can be occupied with only 5 members.
However, all efforts should be rewarded fairly, and growth in power should come with the corresponding sense of fulfillment.
That's why we varied the benefits of occupying territories depending on their grades.

- Firstly, star grades affect how many times you can intensify Transcendent Stones.
- Secondly, star grades affect how many Intensification Stones you can craft at a time.
- Thirdly, star grades affect the number of material items required for equipment fusion.
- Fourthly, star grades affect the quality of goods in the Contribution Shop.
Likewise, new benefits to be added in future updates will also be available depending on territories' grades.

Follower System

So far, we covered the benefits of occupying territories.
We think the Transcendence system will particularly affect the way you build your characters.
Now you may think, despite the large number of territories and the numerous opportunities to participate, the benefits will make the game prohibitively difficult for those who don't own a territory.
Don't worry. We've got you covered!
The new update will introduce the Follower System, so that more guardians can share the benefits of occupying territories.
Characters with no territory can become a follower of a guild that occupies territories.
Becoming a follower does not need any approval process. Just follow a guild, and you're all set! Simple, isn't it? But it's not for free, I'm afraid.
To become a follower, you must pay Trophy Tokens.
Guilds receive a number of Guild Trophies per follower, and a guild with more followers has more of an edge in the trophy bidding process.
Once you follow a guild, you can share some of the benefits of the guild's territories.
Of course, the benefits enjoyed by followers are not the same as the benefits given to guild members.
However, you can enjoy them without fighting any matches in the Faction War, just by following a guild. It's a huge plus!

In the end, most characters in each server will benefit from territories, as followers at least.
Also, guilds with territories can earn more Guild Trophies by expanding their follower base. Having more followers directly translates into more territory benefits.
However, followers only share some of the benefits. They are not part of any alliances or federations with the guild.
For example, followers get the same benefits regardless of the star grade of the territories.
So, if you want more benefits, you should occupy territories yourself!

Developer's Comment

Recently, the entire dev team has been very busy with preparing for the forthcoming update.
The story of MU Legend is co-created by us and you, the players.
This also applies to the Faction War.
We will maintain our efforts to help you create and experience the best stories with your friends in the world of MU Legend.
One more thing! After the Faction War update, a number of PvE updates are in the pipeline. So check back later for more news! Thank you.