Faction War - Developer's Note

1/3/2018 5:46:52 PM

Hello MUtizens!

Hello MUtizens,

This is Homil, content developer for MU Legend. Since we've recently introduced the 3v3 PvP update to MU Legend, we now want to talk about our new update coming on the 9th of January: Faction War.

Almost two months have passed since MU Legend went into the open beta phase. These were two months full of light, but also some darkness. We sincerely apologize for any gameplay issues that you might have experienced during the last few weeks of this beta phase. I know we still have a long way to go on the path to providing a more stable and enjoyable game service. Your comments and opinions are helping us to achieve that goal and we are paying close attention to your feedback.

Today, we want to talk about the Faction War, a topic that many of you will no doubt find interesting.

Since the Faction War is such a huge content update, we're going to split the developer's notes into two different posts.


The Faction War is a massive and unique feature that is quite different to the sieges that you may have experienced in other online games.
MU Legend is a hack-and-slash game, which is usually not associated with massive battles with large groups of players. One of the main goals during its development was to allow as many characters as possible to access all content without any hassle and achieve a sense of fulfillment as they progress through the game. While working towards this, we discovered it was quite challenging for us to come up with a large-scale PvP feature that suits the game.
We tackled the challenge by reinterpreting a classic narrative of cooperation and conflict among multiple characters, often expressed through the "siege war" content in other games, into our own unique content that is consistent with the features of MU Legend.

Our goal was clear: to attract as many guardians as possible, to find a way for non-PvP players to have a role to play in their guilds, and to spark conflicts among guardians in a fun and engaging way!
But what matters is how well we deliver what we achieve.
(It feels like those were too many goals ;-))


As you all know, MU Legend takes place in the land of MU, a continent that floats in the sky.
A storm of powerful evil energy whirls beneath the continent, making it nearly impossible to venture down to the regions below.
However, one day, the storm cleared for unknown reasons, revealing a new floating continent.
The people of MU began to call this new land "The Frontier".
The discovery of The Frontier was a tragedy, but also a blessing.
As it turned out, the land was rich in a new type of valuable resource found nowhere else. This led to new conflicts and clashes among all the countries on the continent of MU.
After a long, arduous war, the countries agreed that they could no longer afford to fight each other over the new land. Instead, powerful leaders from across the continent held the Continental Leadership Congress and declared The Frontier a neutral region, which could not be claimed by any one country or alliance.
They decided that the neutral region would be ruled by reputable guilds, who would each control a portion of the land as their domain. The countries on the continent would then reap tax revenues from those domains.
This opened up new, lucrative opportunities for renowned guilds across the continent.
They could now use the Odyssey Crystal, a unique resource only found in The Frontier, to imbue their equipment with new powers. This gave them the chance to gain recognition for their guilds by winning the Faction War tournament held by the Continental Leadership Congress.
And soon you can jump into the Faction War to claim that power and fame for your guild!


If you watched the G-STAR videos before the OBT Launch, you should be familiar with the basics of the domain and tournament system. For those of you who didn't watch them, or are fuzzy on the details, I prepared some images to help you understand what it is.

On the Faction War map, a hexagonal tile represents a territory.
There are a large number of territories on the map, to prevent a handful of guilds from monopolizing them all.
However, not all territories are the same.
Territories have grades. A territory with a higher grade rewards the occupant with superior benefits, but it's more difficult to occupy and maintain: you will face more powerful opponents in fierce battles.
If your guild does not have enough members, or is simply not powerful enough, it'd be a better strategy to go for territories with lower grades.

Each guild applies for a tournament for the territory they want to occupy. If the guild survives the preliminary rounds, they can fight for control over the territory in the final match.
From the beginning right to the final match, all guild members should work together under carefully coordinated strategies.
The choice of the tournament format shows the direction of the new content. It is designed to be accessible to as many players as possible.
By participating in each round of the tournament, players will be able to experience this new feature from their respective positions.
As the Faction War offers numerous territories to conquer, and draws a large number of guilds to each tournament, ultimately a massive number of guilds will be participating in the Faction War.
The Faction War rewards players just for participating in it. Basically, it's like a giant festival for all players and guilds!
Now, in conclusion, I would like to show you a screenshot of the Guild Harbor, in case you haven't already explored this part of the map. The harbor will be the main venue for the Faction War and even more content, which will be released at a later stage.


This note left out the specific rules of the tournaments and the benefits from occupying territories.
These issues will be covered in our next developer's note.
It was a great honor to talk about the new content and explain the ideas behind them to all of you.
Once again, all of us here at WEBZEN are paying close attention to all your opinions and comments, to make sure that we provide you with the best gaming experience. This has been Homil.
Take care until the next developer's note!