Faction War Event

8/28/2019 3:35:48 PM

Hi MUtizens,

Faction War is probably the most important rendez-vous of the week for the warriors of the MU continent. It's not only a great opportunity to show your strength to your rivals and write your guild name in the pantheon of MU Legend, but it's also a good way to get excellent resources from the territories you own.

So, it's already great as it is. But what if it got better?

From this week to 22/09 (4 weeks), get a discount on enchantment based on how many territories are owned!

The more territories claimed, the better it gets.

Number of Unclaimed Territories

  • 0 = 60% Discount
  • 1 = 50% Discount
  • 2 = 40% Discount
  • 3 = 30% Discount
  • 4 = 20% Discount
  • 5 = 10% Discount

That is an extra motivation to crush your enemies! Should you need any…

Your Webzen team